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When I saw the pink my first thought was “cute,” in a bubble gum sort of way (note the irony). The next thing I searched for was some kind of “about me” page so I might get a better feel of whom the author really is. Not finding what I was looking for I dive right into the eldest of archives. I cross my fingers and hope this blog isn’t some cheesy teen blog I got suckered into reviewing.

Much to my surprise, Stephanie is a wonderful writer. She ventured to blogger from a place that was once my home, open diary. Her titles are witty thus making it quite easy to find the extremely interesting of the entries. I noticed, however, that even when I wanted to skim I ended up reading the whole thing. Her older entries mirror the thoughts of a teenage girl. She quite possibly writes the same way she would talk if she were talking to a room full of friends. This actually makes the reader feel like a good friend, or long lost friend. She has her little quirks, and saying’s she writes quite often. She writes entries in latin. Mentions an awful lot of people no one else knows about. Chats online with friends she goes to school with. Overall, she reminds me of myself at her age. While there’s a lot of entries that focus mainly on the daily going-on’s in her life, there are the occasional rants that get right down to what she really believes in.

The design is very functional. Considering the blog is hosted by blogspot, the archives all seemed to work, and even links in entries from a year ago still work. The text may be a little hard to read because it is a little small. Older entries kind of run together in large paragraphs making it, at times, hard to follow. The design is simple, but where it lacks in flare, it makes up for in quality.

The author has a “comment” area, but the comments are in a tagboard-like setting. No real way to comment on individual entries. She links to a lot of sites that I’m familiar with, and she writes a bit of fiction. If you actually look around there are photos to view, and many interesting external links to check out.

I couldn’t help but feel utterly sorry for her after reading the initial post about a restarting computer. My desire to help kicked in and I offered a bit of help… or tried to at least. For the most part I enjoyed reading this blog. Its main attraction might be for those closest to her, real life friends who know of the blog’s existence, or even reader’s that fall closer to her age range. All in all, the blog is quite enjoyable. It’s filled with humor and amazing wit. Makes me wish I had a chance to relive high school one more time (but only for a short time).tangents

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