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Early this year I had the privilege of going to Thailand. One of the many things to do in Thailand is to visit different temples and talk to monks. I had the honor of meeting with a a guy who used to be a very well known monk (he gave it up after twelve years). He spoke slowly; not to make sure his point got across, but to make sure you felt the calmness and energy that he had.

Indigo Ocean reminded me of this. From the first words I read on the blog to reading the entire blog, I was reminded of him. The posts are calm and collected. You get an amazing sense that this guy is very happy and is very spiritually connected.

The posts themselves are not preachy, but rather just simple notes about what was done that day or what will happen. Personal things pop up like him wishing he could wind surf, then a month later actually getting a rig to do it really add to the quality of this weblog.

The design complements the writing style: simple, clean, and peaceful. I like that there are no javascript tricks or flashy images. Everything fits perfectly within this weblog. I wish that there was an about section to learn more about the author, however I am sure that given more time, the weblog itself will provide more than enough information about him.

Overall this is a great blog to come and read if you just need to cool down. Just take a deep breath and then start to read this blog and you will start to feel more at ease. Amazing how words have this ability to create feelings for us, and Indigo Ocean does it very well.
Indigo Ocean

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