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From the beginning of reading Indigo Ocean, you get the impression of the blogger as one that is very spiritually minded. While this is present throughout her writing, you certainly never get beat on the head with it.

The design itself was simple. Not too loud or obnoxious, but certainly not a place to go for eye candy. It’s seems to be more of a personal blog, that’s opening up her world for the rest of us to view, if we choose. The blog has only been around for about a month or so, so there wasn’t much in the way of archives. Though from what I read, the feel of this blog is one that will give you insight into the writer’s personal feelings – not in such a way that she preaches – but the more you read, the more you’ll certainly begin to learn about the person you’re reading about.

Overall, I thought it was a good blog. It’s the type of place you’d visit if you want to more about the reader’s trip to Bali (visit the site, click on the e-book link) or if you find yourself wandering and wanting to check out what other people are doing. Its not however, the kind of personal site with long, ranting babblings on the world at large. It’s more reserved and dignified than that.

I rated a 2, because while there was nothing “bad” about it, I didn’t find anything particularly exciting about the site. Of course, this is no reflection on the site or the author itself. But as a casual reader, I saw little to keep me there, other than the fact that I was reading to do a review.
Indigo Ocean

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