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Want a spiritual journey mixed with hearts and blessings and flowers and beauty and philosophy? Then this blog is for you. This is a very new blog with barely enough entries for a proper review but… I felt I had a strong feel for the direction Indigo is heading rather quickly.

The site is pretty standard in appearance and has the occasional photo tossed in. It functions like a standard blog site and has commenting options. (Which didn’t appear to be getting much play…) 🙁

It was an interesting read. A different perspective than I would normally read (or would choose to read). Indigo is spiritual, philosophical and has some interesting opinions, such as these:

I couldn’t resist this one (since it mentions us bitter bloggers):

Yet I spend hours surfing to find one single blog that has something positive to say. I believe in pragmatic optimism. Experience has taught me that when forced to make a choice with imperfect information the more optimistic choice will usually lead to better outcomes. That is the choice that spurs me to action and doesn’t let me give up until I achieve my objective.

Whine, whine, whine. Why don’t the pessimists get up off their butts (and buts) and go do something? What, are they waiting for someone else to improve the situation and save the world? Well if someone does, it will definitely be an optimist.

Waxes on life:

What do you need to feel good about your life, not by the world’s standards, but by your own? Who did you choose human life so that you might become? Enjoying your life depends absolutely on being who you came to be and doing what you choose to do from the deepest point of your self.

Comments on poor old Dubya:

“Just let me say I can’t even bear to look at my current president. Whenever he comes on TV I have to change the station.”

On Bullfrogs (or Sleep takers in this case):

“On a personal note, I am happy to report that I hunted down the bullfrogs that have been keeping me awake at night. I caught one with a net and relocated him to a creek about 150 yards away. Since frogs don’t move more than 50 yards from where they are born in their lifetimes, he will likely never come back. I chased two others, but they escaped into the thickest part of the garden. Fine – they didn’t make noise all night at least and I got the first full night of sleep in almost a week.

Let this be a word to city folk. Frogs are only a pleasant nighttime serenade when they are at least 100 yards away. When they are in a pond in front of a glass wall to your house they are TORTURE.”

Overall a decent blog. Not my cup of tea personally, but certainly warrants a look by the more spiritual among us. “ I am sure of my purpose, and watch attentively as God unfolds it. The mission is to be lived, not accomplished. And I am ready to live it.” You go!
Indigo Ocean

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