Review 2374

Have you ever sold something on eBay? How about purchased something? I know you have at least heard of eBay and you probably have looked at it at least once or twice. Where was this site two years ago when I got scammed? Oh yeah it wasn’t alive yet.

The idea behind eBayFever is simple. One ebayer who has bought and sold a fair number of items is telling it like it is from his perspective. All the ups and downs and news to report with eBay.

The design itself is somewhat lacking and is not that consistent through out the entire site. The main page lists featured items on eBay though I am not exactly sure how one gets their auction listed there. There is a discussion forum which is a good place to visit to talk about eBay.

The blog itself is very well written and does a good service. I enjoy the fact that he is talking about news with eBay and personal stories of how he has gotten scammed in the past. The only downside is that the blog is still in its infancy. But don’t let the infancy deter you from reading this site.

All in all we have what will be a very good and informative site for everyone, not just people who eBay. I think the site could use a more consistent design and maybe a FAQ section and it will be one of the better blogs to watch.

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