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Who hasn’t seemed to have eBayFEVER at some point in their life? I know I have. The author’s got the fever for the flavor of eBay, and he’s not afraid to throw all of his tips, pointers, and advice into the public eye. is best described on its “about” link that can be found on the sidebar menu: it’s an “eBay themed BLOG with the intent of covering interesting eBay news items, unique auctions and serve as a educational tool for people to learn about the scams being carried out on eBay”. Reading through the site, I found that it was exactly as the description made it out to be.

The site layout is adequate as far as functionality and ease of navigation is concerned. There are several tools and links splashed all about – a search area for items on eBay, different links to affiliates the author is signed up through, and some features auctions on the main splash page. The site is still relatively new, having only been archived since the beginning of June, but it’s certainly off to a helpful and good start.

The author does a great job of explaining each link or news article he provides us with, knowing that some more detailed explanation might need to be provided in order for the average web surfer to completely understand the topic at hand. The articles are very well written, and easy to understand. The author’s in depth experience of using eBay – both buying and selling – gives him a wonderful amount of credibility and know-how when it comes to his writing. His knack of putting multiple paragraphs together without sounding like he’s rambling is greatly appreciated. It’s just an all-around, easy to read site.

This site is both helpful towards those involved in eBay or thinking about throwing their hat into the online auction ring, and also to those that just like to keep abreast on the news of all the different dot com businesses out there. I can see this site being added to any list of bookmarks that might belong to someone who plans on hitting it big on

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