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Named alike to one of the best movies of all time, in my most humble opinion, I was guessing I would be in for a treat going to “Dude . . . Where is my Computer?” When I first arrived at the site, I noticed his counter mentioning I was the 36th viewer, unless of course it rolled over 1 million. In all honesty, I believe it is not as brilliant looking as some other blogs I have viewed but it is decent.

This site is very new, less than a month old. There really is not that much to read. It actually tops out currently at nine posts. But it is quality over quantity right? Although most of the posts are regarding trivial pointless personal issues, you get a real feel for what is going on. Steve, the blogger, appears to be learning how to program and has released a game available for download. Other than that it is personal ramblings.

Design of the site is, “yet another blogspot weblog.” The blog is just the average orange color scheme. There is really nothing eye catching or fancy about the design but that is not what we are grading here. Like our name reads, it is more about the blogs.

I have a little time here to put some editorial comments on the site. I love seeing newcomers on the blog scene. But it may be better to get some posts and a few archives under your belt than submit the website a month into publishing. Keep up the good posts and someday I see this site in the 3.5 to 4.0 range.

As for now, I cannot give Higher than a 2.0 due to the fact that the site has no archives or a number of posts warranting such a section, as well as I should not give it a 0.0 because I was not urged to vomit while reading the website. Truth is, I see a bright future in this weblog. So I will give it a 2.0 or “The site could use some work, but it has potential to be something.” Like I said little work and a lot of time will do wonders.
Personal Ramblings

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