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You know that anyone that can point out a typograhpical error in a Harry Potter novel (found in the entry called: “a muggle’s appreciation of HP”) isn’t going to be the type of person that throws a ton of incorrectly spelled words or obtrusive grammer your way — that’s always a bonus when reading any weblog.

An entry I found right smack in the middle of “The Daily Post” sets a very somber mode for a person that decides to start at the beginning and work up to the present. In a post that very seriously deals with alcoholism, one might think “The Daily Post” will be nothing but very personal, serious topics. That’s not the case at all, and you find out by reading the next topic at hand – “e-mail behaviour”. I’m sure anyone reading about the different kinds of email behavior will be able to relate to one of those. Personally, I know I was able to pinpoint several different people to each of the four varieties of behavior.

Each entry isn’t some profound statement about philosophy or current events. There are the stereotypical test results and an update on regular ol’ daily life from time to time just like other weblogs. As the number of people posting to the site increases, the variety of topics that are touched upon grow, too.

In only four months time, the number of Daily Post-ers has grown from two to six, and this is what gives the site the tagline: “A group blog with an international flavour”. You find out a bit more about those participating at the site by clicking on the “About” section, and by clicking on each author’s name, you’re subject to a new way of writing an autobiography on your website: the Alpha-Bio. That alone would be a great incentive for joining the team at The Daily Post.

The layout isn’t anything spectacular, most importantly it works for the site. The chosen colors blend well together, and the entire site is very easy to navigate. It loads quickly, it’s easy to read – not a negative thing to say about the visual appeal of the site.

The overall feel I get of this weblog is that it’s been created to form some type of a community, where people can throw out their feelings and not be attacked if they happen to be different from the next person’s ideas. Group weblogs seem to be a popular trend recently, but I think this is one that will definitely outlast the rest.

It’s got a good start thus far, and if the same writers stay with it, people will be coming back because they like reading what these folks say. They know what they want to say, and just say it. I like knowing how much potential this site has and can’t wait to see it explode into how big it can really be.

The Daily Post

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