Review 2370

When you arrive at dimentra dot com, the first thing you see is the greeting page. It’s a jet black background with ‘dimentra dot com’ in funky font that jigs around a little and alternates between five colors. Cool, huh? Well, that’s the word to describe Glory, the site owner, as well.

Glory is in her twenties, a website designer and an amateur internet model. All together now: Cool, huh? She is quite a looker, and there are plenty of pictures on her site, even a video of her and two other male friends available for downloading(nothing dirty, don’t worry. Or are you worrying?). Glory is basically bubbly without overdoing it, and she is incredibly candid and generous in sharing her personal life. In fact, she pretty much bares all of herself on her site(just not in the physical sense). If you click on the ‘Extras’ link, it leads to some pretty interesting links. The best one is, hands down, a whole page dedicated to her many past relationships and detailed analyses of her many ex-boyfriends, complete with pictures. Yes, complete with pictures of the men. I can only say, Wow. This is by far the most personal and open website I’ve come across. To get an idea of how honest with herself on the site Glory is, go to that page. She admits more than a few times that it was because of her lying and cheating behind backs that cost her those relationships. Yet somehow, Glory doesn’t come across as an airhead or, in her own words, “a cheap slut”, but rather a girl mostly determined to be happy and just making the most out of life. Going through Glory’s entries is enjoyable. Glory writes in a friendly way, inserting various ‘hee hee’s and ‘lol’s in the entries. The winning point is, again, her openness. Reading her journal feels like having a girlfriend pouring her heart out to me, both of us sitting on a bed. Also, there are stories and poetry sections on her site, although there is only one story and three poems in total, including one unusual poem dedicated to Weeman of Jackass fame.

As Glory is a website designer, the design is better than average. At the top of the page is a sprawling logo of bold red blocks spelling
‘dimentra'(pay some attention to the faint background), followed by the row of links to navigate around the site. An area for the thumbnails of her most recent pictures is on the right, while everything else is refreshed and viewed in the main frame. Personally, I like the design. The colors are coordinated nicely and navigation is no problem at all.

“It’s time to get straight up honest on here… I do that a lot.” That’s what Glory says, and that’s who she is. It’s her website, and it’s her all over the website – her candor, her ebullience, her ways of dealing with her life.
It’s always entertaining to hear a fun lady tell a sad story and end it with “So there is my broken heart story. Fabulous, wasn’t it?”

Go check out Glory, right now.

dimentra dot com

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