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With a name like Hi. I’m Black! There are a lot of instant stereotypes that come to mind about what the site could be. Some of them hold true, others do not. My biggest fear with this site is that it would have a lot of “More evidence how the white man is holding the black man down” type posts. Thankfully the author chose to not drown us with these posts.

The weblog itself is fairly well written. Most posts are thought out, and have a good point, be it something in the world as a whole or something in the author’s life. The author likes to link to a lot of different stories. There are quite a few number of “Black this” type stories or “White that” but as a whole, they work well with the other parts of the blog.

The design is inconsistent between the front page and the archives. While I like the simplicity behind the design on the archives, it is really missing a lot of what the site has to offer. Also the front page, which actually has a good design, seems to be lacking something. The picture of Michael Clark Duncan as The Kingpin from Daredevil doesn’t seem to add much to the site.

I really wish there was an about me or about the site section. I looked through all of the archives of the site, and while I could only get a slight preview as to what the goal of the site was I am not sure if I am correct. An about section would really help the reader understand not only the goal of the site, but where the author has been, and where the author is going. Some sites do well with out an about section, others require them. This is one that requires one.

Over all I found the site to be a good read. I am not sure if I am the target audience for this blog, but it has at least peaked my interest into keeping an eye on it to see where it will go. I hope the author will make the goals of the site more clear so that a vast array of readers will be able to understand an enjoy it.
Hi. I’m Black!

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