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“Hi. I’m black!” – One can only assume by the title of the site that this weblog is written by someone that’s black. Glenn’s a 22 year old guy living in th San Francisco Bay area. He classifies himself as middle class, and in agreeing with a Brad Pitt quote from “Fight Club”, has accepted the fact that he’ll never be famous. And he just happens to be black. See how that ties in so neatly to the title?

The blog is still fairly new with only about four months worth of archives, but they’re all complete i thought and consistent in the frequency that they’re written. The format of them from time to time can be a little too small to read without squinting, but that was easily remedied by changing the text size of my browser.

Through the different blog entries, readers are able to learn quite a bit about the way Jason is – the things that make him tick and the things he finds to be of interest. He’s the type of person that sets goals for himself, and continues to keep those goals in mind. That personality trait seems to naturally give his writing a bit of positive flair.

The layout is really sharp. Glenn uses a powerful image of Michael Clarke Duncan as part of his design, and the orangish colors he uses for the rest of the site all blend well together. The only exception to the design that wasn’t as impressive or as sharp as the rest happened to be the different archived months that were in a different layout from the rest of the site.

Glenn has a powerful way about his words, and the things he tends to write about don’t just focus on one topic. Sports, movies, current events – Glenn runs across an interesting link he finds, and shares his thoughts, whether for or against the subject matter at hand. He throws in enough humor and personality in each of his posts to really draw readers in and make them want to come back.

“Hi. I’m black!” is a weblog I’d suggest. Once you get you feet wet in this weblog, chances are you’ll be coming back for more.

Hi. I’m Black!

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