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The Unnamed Blog. Great name for a blog. It leaves so much room for you to go with the direction of the blog. It could be about anything or nothing at all. I had some high hopes for this site just based on the name.

The weblog however wasn’t as cool as the name of it. The author submitted the blog as a news/links type site, but it is more of a personal site. Yes a lot of the posts deal with what is going on in the world (blogging and real), but they are more along the lines of here is my opinion, rather than here is a news link. Some of the posts were very funny, and others did very little for me.

One thing I noticed when I got done reading the entire blog from current to very first post was that it was actually a group blog. I very rarely pay attention to the by lines in blogs, but the very first post said it was going to be a joint effort. So I was curious and did some searching through out the blog to find multiple authors. While there are multiple authors, there is one main author with a supporting cast so to speak. Dirvish posts the majority of the time, and the other authors post every now and then.

The design of the site is simple, and I think might be a template for the blogging software, but I could be wrong. If it is a template, it has been tweaked to fit the site. The blog is not about flashy designs, or images, and thus the design reflects that. The only problem I had with the design of the site was the archives, which again I think has to do with the tool. I enjoy reading an entire month’s worth of archives at once, and not day to day archives. I think the clicking of the mouse should be for the links in the blogs, and not archives.

Overall I had a pretty good time at The Unnamed Blog. It is not one that I will add to my daily list of reads, but it is one that I will keep tabs on every now and then. The posts can be entertaining, and it isn’t hard to catch up on pasts posts even if it is your first time visiting.
The Unnamed Blog

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