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It’s a rare thing when I read through all the archives of a site when the posts are quite lengthy. Okay, I confess I didn’t quite make it through this entire site, however, when I started to read through The Accidental New Yorker I had to keep reading. It began to read like a really good book such as Bridget Jones’s Diary, or like an episode of Sex and the City on HBO. I was so engrossed in this site that I kept putting off getting my dinner from the microwave, even after it kept beeping at me every 2 minutese reminding me it was done.

Oh what can I say about this site? There’s a brief blurb on the home page that explains that the writer’s a gay novelist living in Manhattan, but this wasn’t enough for me. To get a good feeling about what this blog was about and who the writer was, I decided I need to jump to the beginning of the blog which begins in March of 2003. The writer begins by introducing himself and friends in his life whom he frequently talks about in his posts.
He talks about what a lot of people do on their blogs: his life. Except, the difference between his blog and other blogs is it feels like you’re reading a book which is a good thing. His voice is clear through his writing and he says it like it is which I love.

Taking a look at the design layout, it’s a Blogger template and is probably one of the better ones, but it would be nice to see something maybe a little more original. My only criticism might be to try and edit down the paragraphs a bit so it reads a bit better. I got lost a few times reading the lengthy paragraphs which isn’t fun when you’re trying to figure out where you left off.

If it’s not clear, I really enjoyed reading The Accidental New Yorker. It’s so nice to read a blog where the writer can tell a good story, especially when it’s their life.

Go read it … read it now!!!Accidental New Yorker

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