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The 3rd World view states in its title that it is “views and links from a human being that lives in the so called third world”. This grabbed my attention as I was hoping to read a weblog which would give me a new perspective on the world as well as teaching me something about a different culture (the author is from Bangladesh).

To a certain extent the weblog did achieve this, but I felt it could have gone further- only a small number of the posts were about life in Bangladesh and these tended to be of a general nature, whereas I think some personal accounts would have been more interesting. There were a couple of posts about the monsoon season in Bangladesh (July 15th and 26th) and another about cricket (July 19th) but not much else.

The archived articles tended to be about international news stories (especially the war in Iraq), poems/song lyrics which the author liked and quite a bit about blogging generally. I felt the author may have done better by offering his own opinions on some of the links -some had no explanatory material at all. It also seemed that a lot of the entries, if not linked, were simply cut and pasted from other sources. Reading between the lines, the author clearly has some interesting views but it would have been nicer to see these expressed in his own words instead.

The layout was simple and easy to read, though one of the picture links in the template wasn’t working and I felt the side bar took up rather a lot of the screen (at least in the resolution I was viewing it in). There were a few errors contained in the writing itself, but I wasn’t sure if English was the author’s first language, so maybe these are excused.

Not a bad weblog overall, but the links weren’t explained enough and some personal entries would make the blog much more unique.The 3rd world view

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