Review 2355

Having only read the first few posts of this site and the subtitle stating the site was going to be about the views from a so-called “third world,” natrually I was anticipating a “third world” perspective from this blog. However, I found something else.

After having read through the archives which begin in May of 2003, I felt the site didn’t have a main focus. There were posts regarding the Middle East, poems by writers, blog related news and links to random sites. It left me wondering where the site was going or what persepective the writer was going for.

The blog didn’t contain any other links within the site, except a link to a page that contains his resume, some pictures from his wedding and a bio which still didn’t give me an idea of who the writer was. The blog’s design is a Blogger template which isn’t very flattering.

The site needs some serious work. The main thing is if the writer figures out what he wants to talk about and focuses on that, I think it would make for a better site … maybe a insider’s look on what Bangladesh is like? *hint hint*The 3rd world view

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