Review 2354

Honestly, when I first opened up and saw that the first blog on the page was about Bruce Lee, I sat back and said, “Wow, I’m in for a good hour of reading absolute crap.” After the first sentence I was hooked, these guys know how to send a message. Quoting “It’s not like these buff dudes are out wrestling Grizzly Bears every week for a living that they need to have 40 inch arms. And guess what, they actually pay monthly fees to build up muscle that they only put to use to open up jars of Spaghetti sauce for their elderly aunts.” has to be one of the funniest lines I have heard in my life. This is an excellent blog that makes you scream for more.

And after reading all the articles on the site, that is exactly what I am doing, screaming for more. Hidden away are sketches, pics, just about anything to keep one busy for an hour or two.

Marco, (the site blogger) has been around for a relatively short time, 3 months, just barely enough to get his feet on the ground. The design flows and compliments his writing. It does have the PG-13 atmosphere but and 10 year old with a good sense of humor can get a kick out of this writing. I give this site a high 4.0. I guess we can call it that, there really is not a 4.47 button and it is not quite old / experienced enough to hit the 4.5 mark yet. Very, very good start. Keep up the Hilarity and 5.0 is right around the corner.

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