Review 2353

I guess I reached teenangst just in time. The most recent post is about how site owner, Graham, is going to shut it down. So here’s a farewell gift.

Basically there are no faults with either the site design or the writing, save some typos sprinkled here and there. Graham seems to live up to the site name – he’s a teen and he has plenty of them angst, striking out at a good many things. I wish he’d complain more about his girlfriend though. Without a girl problem the ‘teen angst’ thing just doesn’t seem complete. Oh well. Maybe knowing that there’s something he’s happy about in his life is what keeps readers from going “Oh no…not another whiny teen blog…”. Or maybe it’s because the girlfriend reads the blog and leaves comments?

Another slight problem: the PhotoBlog doesn’t work. Perhaps it’s because Graham is planning on shutting down the site anyway. Besides blogging about school(lousy), teachers(lousier), mom(also lousy), hangovers(lousy too), not getting enough sleep(very lousy) and girlfriend(mostly great), Graham is also quite interested in twiddling around with his site. He’s not bad at it too, from what I can tell.

I would say that teenangst falls into the category of a fairly typical teenage blog, but it has the advantage of a memorable domain name, a cool layout and succinct writing. None of those long-winding, whiney bagpipe entries. He complains, he moves on. One sharp jab right on spot. Just like teenage angst.


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