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The site was like a black and white photo!! Very clinical and clean cut. It looked easy to use and gentle on the eyes. I think that it may be a standard template, but dawn has added her own graphics to make it stand out. The main text stood out nicely form the rest of the page.

The content of the weblog was very interesting. Everything that Dawn writes about, whether it is a movie or some music she has heard, she brings her own thoughts and feelings into it. She gives you facts about historic times, and her feelings and views on everything she finds interesting. Some of the postings gave you a real insight into her mind and emotions. She is a very interesting lady with some very interesting views, even if they may differ from your own.

The design has a sort of mystic feel, and reading through posts and the hobbies of Dawn, you get the feeling that there is a real deep thinker behind this blog! The design was easy to use and very clean cut. There are lots of flashing links and blogrings that you have to scroll through to get to the archives. The archives are in a format that requires you to pick a date to see if Dawn posted on that day. I was really unlucky as the 5 dates that I choose had no postings! Instead, you get the option to sign her guestbook or leave feedback.

Overall I enjoyed this as a personal site. It really made you feel as though you could get to know Dawn quite well. She is a lady that has a lot to write about and say, and most of it relates directly to her life and feelings. The design and flow of the site is easy on the eyes and she even has a chatterbox so that you can chat online to her. I must admit that I would have liked to see her archives closer to the top of the site, but that is just me.

I enjoyed my visit and learnt a few things whilst having a read. I thought that it was well written, and a journey into what and who Dawn is. She has some strong opinions, and some of them make for fascinating reading. A good site to get you thinking about all areas of life and what it all means!Blogger111’s Xanga Site

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