Review 2348

I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to get with I figured it would be a personal blog since it doesn’t have a name other than the url for the site. But I didn’t know anything else to expect with this site.

I was glad when I got to to find an about section. Since I didn’t have any expectations or thoughts on what to expect this was a good starting point. I found out that the author is a female living in L.A. and is a student. Oh yeah, she just move here from Austria.

Diving into the weblog with this new found information didn’t help me too much. At first I was thinking the site was just your normal weblog. Nothing going for it really. But as I got further and further into the archives I could see what was unique about this weblog. The fact that the author is from Austria.

All of the experiences that are mentioned are told in amazing detail as if you were right there. They are looked at as if through a child’s eyes seeing something for the first time, because she is seeing it for the first time. Other posts include daily ramblings of college work, friends, and family issues. In her about section she has a mini FAQ and one question is “Are you some kind of exhibitionist?” and it is very true. The level on which we get to learn about the author is amazing.

The design of the site is original which is a good thing. It is simple and clean which I really enjoy. The author is wanting to go into web design so I am glad that she was able to put forth a design that complements her site.

Overall this site takes a bit to get into and probably isn’t for everyone. It is your standard weblog with a little bit of a twist. The experiences and events that she talks about are a very enjoyable read and the design does not hurt the site. If you want a new weblog to read that is a stereotypical personal blog, is your site.

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