Review 2346

Cheshire Cat Correspondence… That is an interesting name for a blog. First thoughts are some sort of old news paper type feel for it as I remember in history class a lot of old news papers being called _____ Correspondence.

My initial thoughts were not that far off surprisingly. The weblog is filled with reviews of old publications, facts of the old, and other things similar. Of course there are the random Sim City and The Sims posts which livened it up a bit.

For me, it took a while to actually figure out what was going on with the weblog. This is something that could easily be resolved with an about section: specifically about the goal of the site. After nearly three months worth of posts I finally got the point; to inform us about things from our past. The weblog, for the most part, is one big history lesson.

The design of the site is a blogger template, specifically the colored boxes one. I hate this template. No one ever seems to utilize the template fully, and it is way to popular. The design does not complement the site at all, which is a downer. I don’t mind when people use templates because we all cannot be designers, but please chose a template that works with the site, and not against it.

That said about the design, we have the blog. I am giving this blog 2.5 out of 5 for a couple reasons. 1. I did not understand the site when I first visited. 2. There was no about section to help me get the blog. 3. The template chosen really does not help the blog at all. However, the good part about the blog is it is original. I have yet to see any other site that goes through as much detail and history about publications, let alone history in general. If you like history and facts and that sort of thing, this is your gold mine. For me, it was not.
Cheshire Cat Correspondence

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