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Spriteboy is a 20-something actor living in a New York apartment with “Gorgeous Roommate” Jen. He says “yay” and talks about “boobs.” Often. Remind you of anyone? Unfortunately, this NY actor [and star of “Mission: Idiot”] doesn’t have the censorship of a large US TV company, and I did find a few comments that I, personally, found offensive. Overall, though, he seems a pretty amiable bloke.

He mostly writes about daily life, such as an upcoming audition or the actresses staying in the hotel he works in [porn and regular]. Unlike most personal blogs, I never got any sense of his personality through the writing, which seemed contradictory in places. In one post we are told that the author disagrees with the war his country is fighting, and the next we are told how proud he is to be American followed by a picture of the American flag and a few quite ignorant comments about the Iraqi people.

I have to admit that from the pictures at the top of the screen Spriteboy does look quite elfin, but then they have all been heavily altered with a run-of-the-mill image-editing tool. I like to see sites where people make the effort despite not having a degree in graphic design and £900 of image editing software [I, myself, am included in this ‘work on a budget category’], but it does mean you don’t get the crisp , professional look. Still, this is a weblog and by its nature is not professional.

The layout of the journal doesn’t run like other journals. Instead you are faced with the archive page, with descending dates and titles, and you read through a page at a time. This makes it hard work and would only take a minor adjustment to improve the readability a whole lot.

Spriteboy World is your average weblog. If you have something in common with the author, or are really desperate to get with an aspiring actor in the hope that someday he’ll make it and not dump you for a size 2 blonde, then this could well be the weblog for you.Spriteboy World

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