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Okay, I love this blog. It’s filled with some of the funniest and (excuse my language) bitchiest posts I have ever read. There are actually 3 blogs on the page. One could be found under “Journal”, the other under “Rants”, and the last under “Raves” (the titles are sort of self-explanatory).

Written by a 24-year-old New Yorker, Chris, who goes by the alias of Spriteboy, Spriteboy World is a highly absorbing read. Most of the blog entries are mainly about his daily life, but the author’s sarcastically witty narrations make his supposedly sad life sound really exciting and glamourous (e.g. his encounters with celebrities and wannabes at his front desk operator job with uber chic New York hotel, Hudson).

The writing is vigorous and highly engaging, and is the type of blog that I wish I were writing. The layout of the entire site is pretty amateurish but it doesn’t really matter because the blog is just so good. There are the standard links to his bio, the guestbook; and some other goodies like “music” and “All Up In My Business”, where Chris answers some questions posed to him by his readers. Only thing that kinda bugged me was the archive. Most blogs have monthly or weekly archives, while his was a post-by-post type. Meaning, there’s an archive page with individual links to all his posts. It is not too bad, only that every time I am done reading one post, I have to click back to the main archive page because Chris didn’t link up the posts. It wouldn’t be that big of a problem if he didn’t have quite so many entries, but he did, so maybe some improvements could be made in that area.

Seriously, if you are looking for a personal ‘rant’ blog that is entertaining and doesn’t drone on and on about one’s life, you should go for this one. The writing is so lively, it almost sparkles. The blogs are updated regularly, so it makes a good choice if you want something you can check on weekly. This one is definitely joining my list of favourites.
Spriteboy World

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