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When I saw ‘Word War Bush – anti war humor”, that was exactly what I expected from World War Bush (WWB) – humor. Some George Bush jokes. I was disappointed.

Humor is arguably one of the most powerful weapons to advance your arguments, especially when you are dealing with a rather serious topic. It gets people to lighten up, become less tense and thus more open to other ideas and opinions which might normally insult and anger them. Not to mention that it makes boring issues easier to digest. That is why “Stupid White Men” became a bestseller. That is why WWB has so much potential.

If WWB sticks to humor when it sends whatever messages it wants to send across to readers, then it will be convincing, entertaining, powerful. Unfortunately, WWB frequently falls to childish anger and insults. Taking subtle, derisive jabs at the antics of a president is funny, calling him a fuckhead is not. The latter only succeeds in making you look small and bitter. Because of where my sympathies lie, I would very much like to give WWB a good rating, but after reading through the site I feel annoyed rather than triumphant. Many of WWB’s posts read more like a ranting space for the author to succumb to name-calling rather than a sarcastic and clever attempt to show us what is wrong with Bush.

No one was ever convinced by being called a fucking loser. Of course, if the purpose of WWB is only to be a emotional trash can, then fine, it has served its purpose. However, if WWB wants to make people think about the situation the world is in, wants to convince people that George Bush is really a joke, then there should be an attitude adjustment. I suggest the author take deep breaths and put off posting in WWB immediately after watching the news or receiving hate mail. Take some time to organize thoughts and think up witty comebacks. This way, the entries will sound less like the rantings of a man in rage, spitting disorganized and self-righteous words in a jumble.

There are some funny stuff on the site, most of them made up of linked articles, a few penned by the author himself. If the author will lessen the needless name-calling and concentrate on presenting his arguments in a logical and sane way, then WWB can be a great anti war humor site. Mature adults (readers of WWB probably fall into this category) will be won over by sophisticated humor and good essays, like the one about the definition of patriotism. Whereas excessive usage of the word ‘fuck’ will bring giggles only from 3rd graders (who are not likely to read WWB).

The author says this: Personally however, I like to talk with a complete idiot so that I am reminded I am at least smarter than someone. You know what the characteristics of a complete idiot are? They include resorting to calling people ‘fuckheads’ when they can’t win arguments. WWB has issues. The author has some good points. It’s all just a matter of presentation – to come across as a mean, angry person, or a clever, angry person. So stop being daft and start the serious work of showing us why Bush is ridiculous. A lot of us are willing to be convinced here.


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