Review 2344

First thing I notice at WorldWarBush Sortapundit is that the title has changed, and the format has turned into a standard Blogger template. Needless to say, neither really made sense. With a URL like, a name having nothing to do with the actual URL is a big awkward. And, well, Blogger templates are always awkward, no matter how you look at them.

There are some parts of the site that I definitely found funny – The Journal of the President’s Personal Aide, made on October 3, 2003, being one of them. The next post, published on November 11, 2003, was an extensive writing piece still dwelling on the topic of President Bush not rightfully winning the 2000 election. The site is not updated again until February 11, 2004.

There’s no explanation for this huge gap in updating until you visit the FAQ section of the site, where readers find out the reason this weblog was started was because “Taylor” had so much to write about once the invasion of Iraq. The reason he stopped for six months was to search for a job, but he now claims he’s back for good now.

The last time I read this site was in August 2003, when the site had been submitted for an earlier review. I hadn’t visited the site again for a reason and that reason being the only thing “Taylor” wrote about was his extreme abhorrence towards George W. Bush. It got old reading the same subject matter for every single entry, written by someone who can’t even vote for in a United States election, because he lives in England.

The content of the site has changed since the weblog’s been “back on track” after its six month hiatus. Now, instead of focusing solely on bashing the President and his actions, Taylor has resorted to overall news related political entries. Unfortunately, instead of writing original content of his own, the majority of the last week’s worth of posts relies on bits of text that have been copied and pasted from other websites.

It may sound picky, but I think there’s got to be a happy medium for this site. The combination of links from around the web and personal content is a wonderful thing. In my opinion, if Taylor would combine his writing and opinion sharing along with the different information he finds while cruising the ‘net, this weblog could have even more potential then it already does. I raised the score on it this time around simply because he has avoided sticking straight to the GWB criticisms and expanded the content of the site a bit more.

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