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Editors Note: The name of the weblog was changed to after the review was written.

Being something other than American, I was kind of skeptical before I even started reading WorldWarBush. I have my own views on American politics, and get tired very easily of anything to do with Bush, or anti-Bush, as it’s been thrown at me from all directions in the last couple years. However, once I started reading I was pleasantly surprised by what I found in the writing.

Keith, or Taylor as he prefers is a young man in his 20’s living in Manchester (which alone puts him in my good books). He explains he started blogging before England went to Iraq, and had so much to write about he has kept at it. He has some very distinct views on politics and George Dub-ya in particular. At times this is trying, because most of us have had enough. but as the blog goes on, he admits he no longer has the loathing he once had. I have to admit, this is where the posts get better. Taylor begins incorporating other news items, that have less to do with Bush, and less to do with Iraq and WMD, and I start to get interested.

The site itself is an interesting one. If you go back to the “old site” link its a bombardment of Lycos pop ups and makes your head hurt. The new site, is a blogger site, with some additions. While I appreciate additions or alterations to any blogger site, the links on the right seem out of place with the box they are in. i don’t know how to explain it, it’s kind of like they aren’t centered right. It’s nothing horrible, just something that caught my eye. Otherwise, the site looks good, the links all work (which is good cause there are a ton) and it’s easy to get around and find what you need.

Overall, the site is good – and maybe great if you like political news. I myself find it hard to stay interested in politics, and especially american ones. Taylor writes very very well making it easier, so regardless I would give it a look just to see what you think.WorldWarBush

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