Review 2344

When I first saw the title of the next site to be reviewed, I was almost tempted to skip it and write a review for someone else. I was sure it was going to be a political diatribe about President Bush and his cohorts. I wasn’t really in the mood for reading that kind of site, however, upon reading the first paragraph of the site I found that this is a guy with a sarcastically cynical sense of humor — something rare indeed.

This site was highly hilarious, and completely funny. I couldn’t stop chuckling to myself when I read through almost all of the links within the site. Through all of the writings I was able to get a glimpse into whom the guy behind the words really is. He cares about many things, intelligence being one of them, and he shows his own without hiding behind the computer screen. He shares his nasty emails for each of us, giving us his own opinion to these emails as well. He is opinionated and strong-minded. Painfully real and honest. These are the kind of qualities that I think many people might find offensive, even though I found it all quite amusing.

As for the design of the site, this could use a little bit of work. Plain on the exterior, you’d almost assume that the quality of the writing would be a reflection of the quality of the design. The archives aren’t necessarily archives according to how most bloggers are used to seeing them, though they do take you to previously written stories, essays and other interesting things. There are a good number of popular outgoing links, however some of the scripting makes it a little difficult to find out what goes where, and why.

I was a little disappointed to find that there wasn’t an about me page, or somewhere else to get to know little things about the author that you can’t get from the writings. There isn’t any way to leave a comment, though he does provide an email address if you feel the need to write. There is only one poll, though funny, for readers to interact with the author.

His intelligence speaks for itself, and his sense of humor might be seen as rather dark or cynical. For the open-minded of the blogging bunch you might find him rather hilarious, as I did. His writing is not for the demure and quiet kind, though he speaks with real honesty and truth (as he knows it). I recommend this site to be read as entertainment rather than to be taken too seriously.WorldWarBush

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