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So who is Kotigre? Frederic is a Vietnam war orphan, raised in Canada and Memphis who ended up working for Coca-Cola and who eventually threw down his shirt and tie and went travelling.

I have to move on now to the layout, because I found it actually impaired my reading. The background is black, which doesn’t work well with the dark font used for the links and archive list. The white font used for the weblog is better, but is against a checked background. Above each page and frame there are GIFs. Dogs twirl, dragons writhe, birds float past, sayings loop round and round. All of this is a strain on the eyes, and takes away from, not adds to, the writing.

Finding it so difficult to focus on the words meant that I actually focused on the real gift of the site. Currently residing in Costa Rica and sharing a house with a selection of unwelcome lizards, Frederic provides a fantastic photo travel log. The pictures aren’t always clear or well lit. In fact, quite a few are blurry and hard to make out, but it was these very human photos that kept me moving through the pages. They were what made it worth rolling my cursor across the dark and muddled screen in search of the archive link.

Of course, the photo page is well worth visiting. The family photos page tells you more than the ‘about’ page ever could. There is a very interesting story to be told here and Frederic tells it not through the writing, which is more of a day to day journal, but through the photos.

There is definitely a future for Who Is Kotigre? and one I’d like to follow. My only hope is that the future includes a clearer layout. Until then, I suggest bracing yourself against the GIFs and heading over there anyway.Who is kotigre?

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