Review 2340

There’s something about the dark shades of grey that always makes me think of something mysterious. So of course, knowing this, my initial thought of this blog is that there’s something different going on here… something magical… something only I would be allowed to see. Of course, it is someone’s blog, and the world can read it if it so chose, and I am just another passerby.

When I first visited Michelle’s site I got the pleasure of getting to read her reaction to her googlism search. I had never actually heard about this before, so it was a nice little surprise to read what she found, what she thought, and take the opportunity to do it myself (interesting stuff to say the least). A good portion of her blog is based on her own personal movie reviews. She generally gives a quick thought about the movie, but she does so without ruining the movie and giving spoilers. I can easily appreciate this, as I hate someone telling me about a movie I want to see before I’ve had a chance to see it. She’s in the process of publishing a book and though I know what a hell this process can be, it’s nice to see she’s actually in the process of doing it… getting it done. She’s participated in the Mirror Project (which I’ve always wanted to do myself) and Blogshares. It’s fun to read about her life, and there are many interesting personal posts amidst the movie reviews.

The design, like I said, gives an air of mystery, but when you start reading you find that she’s just a girl writing about her life… like most of us who are blogging. The design works well, and it’s easy to navigate. She gives you the option of listening to a piece of music that she likes or is her favorite. There are plenty of pictures and a year by year biography of the majority of her life, her trials and tribulations. It’s by far one of the more interesting “about me” pages that I’ve read in a blog. There are quite a few other goodies, but nothing out of the ordinary of what you’d find in a blog.

Overall the blog fits into the category of blog. It’s not unlike others that you see out there, with the daily ranting and ravings, save for the movie reviews. She colors do start to hurt your eyes after looking at the site for too long. But she’s got a number of other projects going on (an Honesty fanlist, which is beautifully designed) and there’s always life to write about.

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