Review 2339 was enjoyable and certainly taught me quite a few things about movie appreciation. The author, Heidi Sackerson, is definitely one of the more genuine movie gurus I have met. Online, that is.

This website has 2 main blogs. One is a movie blog, which was renamed “Black & White World” after Heidi noticed a similarity between the original name and another movie blog’s name. “Black & White World” basically contains reviews on movies and links to other movie related sites, and it goes hand-in-hand with “Movies” – a list of movies she has watched. The “weblog” is a collection of daily thoughts and chuckle-worthy events jotted down by Heidi (check out that entry where Heidi laments about her coffeemaker breaking down on her and the other entry where she muses on men promising to fix her broken kitchen drawer).

The layout is simple, quite user-friendly and easy to navigate around. There’s a collage of photos used for a banner with the blog title “”. The blogs are updated regularly and the “weblog” has a weekly “surveys” (i.e. Monday Mission, Friday Five). The writing is pretty smooth, and at times, the drama portrayed in the writing is most apt.

On the whole, I would recommend this blog for true movie fans (think “Chicago” and “It’s a Wonderful Life”, not “Crossroads” or “Pluto Nash”). It makes a good personal blog too, so if you’re into both movies AND literal voyeurism, this blog is a double delight with a cherry on top.

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