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The great thing about Nessa’s blog is that when you first go there you’re not bombarded with a slew of things that might not be necessary. The blog itself is a good read. It’s always interesting to be able to catch a glimpse of the 100 things that so many people in the blogging world have taken part of. The contents of this blog are actually quite interesting. Even in short snippets you get just enough to pique your curiosity and you’ll find yourself wandering through clicking links that say “idiot son of an a**hole.” Through Nessa’s links you’ll find a lot of other really interesting things, besides the fact that she recently got accepted into graduate school, are planning a wedding and had a degree in zoology.

The blog itself was very interesting. The entries that are meant to be funny are. The entries that are supposed to convey the fact that the author is irritated, do just that, but not in the harsh ways that some blogs go. She’s not all profanities. Actually, for the casual reader you might have a better time understanding if you have a dictionary on hand, because this girl’s edumacation shows through fully… trust me, it’s a huge breath of fresh air. But she doesn’t use her higher education to throw the reader off; it’s used to almost emphasize her point. Other times you get a peek into what’s going on in her real life, troubles with roommates back almost a year ago. As you read about the joys of having found the love of her life, you feel almost as though you’re watching a movie through words.

The design of the blog works. It’s not overly extravagant with heavy graphics (there aren’t any at all) so the load time is pretty quick. The colors work well together, but it’s very simple. The text is unchangeable, you can’t make the font bigger or smaller for personal preferences, but that’s just small potatoes. The design could probably use some sprucing up, but then again, its simplicity gives the blog a different feel.

There are a lot of good links from this blog, though a lot of the older links in the archives either don’t exist or are no longer there. But maybe it’s my own fault for trying to go back that far and actually finding I wanted to read those articles. She allows the reader to write to her via email (brave soul that she is), and her blog offers ways of commenting. Some of the links to things like pictures, or other things housed on her school account no longer exist, so it’s sad not to be able to look at pictures and other information she’s come up with.

Overall the blog is your average blog. There’s nothing overly exciting, but nothing overly boring either. It was interesting to spend a bit of time in getting to know the reader and I’m sure that there are plenty of people out there who find planning a wedding interesting. I, however, don’t know what that part of life I like, so I found myself seeking out other entries that weren’t wedding related. The blog itself is very well written and an entertaining read. unapologetics

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