Review 2335

My very first impression of this weblog was that of feeling welcome there. Something about the colors and subtle background images and even the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote about children make visiting this a site a comfortable experience.

The layout for this weblog is fantastic. There is a calendar up top where you can click on 5 days’ worth of recent entries, and three different nice-looking background images surrounding the actual weblog writings. There are three other ways to get to archived entries, all of which are rather helpful. You can click on archives by month, recent entries, or by category. There is a nice list of links to other weblogs, the obligatory Amazon wish list, and a site search tool and section about what she is reading.

A good deal of the entries include something about motherhood. The author has a (lovely, from the photos posted) two-year-old son. Since I am a mom, I particularly like reading about someone else going through the ups and downs that accompany being a parent. Entry topics range from the author’s frustrations over trying to find time for proper exercise to public transport etiquette. She’s down-to-earth in her musings, and writes well. The author mentioned wanting to create an `About’ page, which I think would be a nice addition to an otherwise excellent site.

Whether the author is writing about being a stay-at-home mother, spirituality, or Golden Rice Crispie Cakes, she manages to make daily life interesting for her readers. Pewari’s Prattle

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