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Welcome to My Brain… Well not mine, but that of Brian Shaver. While the domain itself has not insights to the blog, the title of My Brain is a rather good one.

I quickly noticed a floating head with rotating eyes in the design. This was somewhat of a distraction as I didn’t see what purpose it had on the site. The general design of the site is a two column layout with the content on the bigger right side column. The design is nothing to shout home to mom about, but the simplicity of the site fits with the weblog itself.

I recommend reading the about section before venturing into the weblog as it will provide you with a fair number of insights about Brian that can come in handy. In the about section, there is also an about this site which is somewhat unique and not often used in weblogs anymore.

The weblog itself is a very easy read. Mainly because the author is a freshman in college (note: now he is a sophomore, but the blog is about his first year) who is interested in computers and math. Even though he is such a stereotypical computer geek (talks about computers, math, star trek…), he very rarely mentions these things, except where they add to the post’s details.

Brian posts mainly about what he is going through his freshman year in college. Mainly of the posts are about a situation that either just happened, or will happen shortly. Brian shares with us his struggles of figuring out who he is; which is something he never had to face before.

The only downside is that Brian seems somewhat conflicted with the site itself. All to often I read a post that said, “It has been a while since my last post” which isn’t surprising since he is a freshman in college, but I would liked to have more frequent posts.

The best part of the blog has to be that Brian is sharing what he is going through. It is good for anyone to read, to remember those times, or to learn about those times, or even just to say, “Yeah I am going through that too.” The blog could stand to have a little bit better focus, and a better design to complement the author more. If you are looking for a daily update, then you will be disappointed. But if you want a blog to read on the once a week basis, this is a good one for you to add to your list.
My Brain

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