Review 2331

When I read the title, Passport to the Third World, I figured I would be reading about third-world politics. I was close. The blog is about someone who grew up in a third-world country, and is now living in a first-world country, namely, the United States. I can usually tell when a blog is serious by the template, and this is a very serious blog.

This blog is about politics, as many of the news blogs are. Nuno, the sole author of the site, talks about the presidency and recently, the war on Iraq. What I like about Nuno is the fact that he gives the facts, rather than only biased opinion. Many of the news sites I have been reading recently are extremely biased. Nuno usually just gives a link to the original news site, and will sporadically comment on it. The links come from a plethora of sources such as the BBC, Reuters, and CNN.

Nuno is the only author at Passport to the Third World and I think he does a good job giving the reader news without biased opinion, for that is the way news should be. However, more often than not this site has commentary, and you do get a feel for who Nuno is. That is what sets it apart from other news blogs that just give links to other news sites.

The template used at Passport to the Third World I can only describe as “news-y looking.” There are links to other news sites such as Reuters, The New York Times, and CNN. Also appearing in this blog are links to other “War Blogs.” Everything is in fine working order.

If you are sick of hearing about the war, I wouldn’t suggest reading Passport to the Third World. If war news is your thing, then I think you should take a look at this site as it will educate you on the current war proceedings. This site is definitely a well-written educated site and I will be looking back on it whenever I get the urge to read about third world

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