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For most of us growing up in the late 80’s and early 90’s we had the Simpsons. I remember when they were still on the Tracy Ulman show and the drawings were rough and choppy. And today they are what they are, and there’s a huge fan base… How can you not love a site that has Ned Flanders when you first come to view it!?! Not to mention the quote of “Where there is nothing more exhilarating than pointing out the short coming’s of others.” Though I suppose you’d have to have a good sense of humor to actually find that funny or amusing.

When I first started reading the blog to do this review, there was a post about censorship in textbooks in school, and the ridiculousness of the severity to which the publishers are now going to maintain the “politically correctness” of those books. This post was. highly. intriguing. He’s a writer, and shares the new chapters with his readers, which makes things completely all the more interesting to read his every day posts. I don’t know if it’s me, or just the writer in me, but I find that people who are writer’s or aspiring writer’s actually have some silly and strange stuff to say on their own blogs. And this author is no exception to the rule.

He has the occasional rant about things we’ve all been ranting about before, but Rob seems to say the same things we’ve all said with a different kind of pizzazz and spunk. When I first started reading I was sure that this guy was like more people my age, considered generation x-ers, but he’s actually a little bit older than myself. I saw a lot of the same things you’ll see on the “younger” generation blogs. Not a bad thing, since this author actually has a laid-back mentality, which shows in his writings. But that didn’t take away from his insanely real and humorous writing style. He has a sense of humor only other sarcastic people might understand. People might actually find him offensive to a degree. I, on the other hand, find him ingeniously entertaining.

As with any other blogspot blog, there are a few problems with loading and archives actually showing up, load time and things of that nature. Its sites like these that make me want to offer subdomains for nothing, and just host for the sake of putting really good blogs out there to share with the world. However, once you do get the archives to work you’ll find some serious gold there (May 8 #3 & #15).

The design works well. The only problem that I ran across is that if the font appears to be too small, you can just make the text size of the browser bigger in order to read it better, you’re basically stuck reading the small print.

The majority of this blog is filled with witticisms and hilarity overflowing. If you want something real and yet still amusing, this is the place to go. I found myself highly obsessed with menial things like his driving for 10 hours and all he had to say about work. You’ll find fun for the whole family here, only if you have a good sense of humor. The New Empire Lounge

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