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The name of the site, A Castoff Cigarette Butt, made me wonder what exactly the site was about. I saw that it was categorized under news so I figured I would be reading about cigarette lobbyists. However, I was wrong. While the overall design of the site turned me off, I was interested to begin reading about politics. Like most, I am always interested in other people’s swing on things.

A Castoff Cigarette Butt is a highly political site. The Mission Statement of the site is nice because it lets you know what the site is going to be about before you even start reading it. At A Castoff Cigarette Butt, you can read about the Middle East, American Politics, and other political jargon. While many news sites solely post links leading to other news sites, the main author of this site, Manumission, puts a personal take on current political events. Also located in the blog are links to other news sites in case Manumission’s opinionated news posts just aren’t for you. Everything contained in this site is in good working order. I had no problems with links or archives.

Manumission is the main author for this site, and I wouldn’t have even known there were other people writing for this site if it weren’t for this little blurb: “…I will be taking a short break from posting on this site. As the rest of my teammates on this blog are absolute deadbeats…” Manumission does a great job giving news about politics, and many times it shows through that he has a negative point of view on many political aspects.

A political blog, A Castoff Cigarette Butt has much more to offer than CNN, ABC, and Reuters and that is personal opinion. Manumission is a graduate student, and you can sense that through the many posts. I would recommend this site to the educated people that are deeply involved in politics. However, I myself don’t dive into politics often, and I was still able to comprehend the majority of this site. While the design isn’t that great, the knowledgeable posts make up for it.A Castoff Cigarette Butt

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