Review 2312

When you first come to the site, the design strikes your fancy — something new! You immediately think to yourself… there has got to be something good going on here. And the surprise is that there is something good going on here.

The blog itself brings the reader closer to the author by his sharing of everyday little things that are often overlooked. It reminds me of those moments in life where you’ll find yourself thinking something silly (May 22), believing that you’re the only one that believes that way, only to find that you’re not… there are others. The author’s entries are filled with humor and wit, stacked on top of intelligence, which is rampant throughout the blog. There are many interesting things to read here, and it’s a well-rounded read. Anyone that can comment on Shakespeare’s gayness (March 5) and talk about video games (April 17) has to be a somewhat balanced writer.

The design is fresh and new. Quite unique by way of blog designs. Comments are offered, though there is no about me page, which is a bit of a let-down.

He has a few other blogs linked and some movie reviews of things the author has recently seen. He shared with you what he’s currently reading, and currently listening to. Another added feature that I found kind of fun was the links to “songs of the moment,” added onto specific entries. This helps to bring the reader into the mind-set of the author and shares with the rest of the world the kind of mood he might be in.

Overall this blog was fun to read. I found myself reading entirely more than could possibly be needed to write a decent review. I browsed through the majority of the archives and found them just as interesting as the recent stuff. Sometimes there are just subjects that are timeless.ODAAT- one day at a time

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