Review 2310

Now I don’t like to start on negatives, but on entering ReMo Stylz all I was faced with was dark font on a black background. Assuming a lighter background was loading, which would enable me to at least read the posts, I waited. But after a few minutes, several animated GIFs were twitching at me from the left hand column, the centre of the screen was a dark void and the posts to the right were still unreadable.

GIFs seem to be the main content of the site. There is very little else. The posts (which I could only read by dragging the cursor over them) only date back to April 11 and the last one was posted on April 23. I only counted six entries, four of which simply stated the progress of the site’s start-up.

The left hand column consists mostly of flashing links to pages about tv, movies, sports and music that the twin authors like. However these, as with the rest of the site, are unfinished and you’re faced with a lot of “coming soon” GIFs.

The enthusiasm that was obviously pumped into the site’s initial construction shows that ReMo Stylz could have gone somewhere. The site has a nice, family feel, being run by twins who say that they “sometimes think alike,” and with an opening post that wishes their cousin a happy birthday. Aside from that there really is nothing there yet to recommend the site. The flashing, twirling GIFS gave me a headache, and with so few posts it looks like this weblog’s been abandoned.ReMoStylz

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