Review 2309

The interesting title sparked my attention from the get-go, and that made me ultimately curious to do this review. The first thing I noticed was the quite by Ghandi, “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”

She’s a wonderful storyteller in her blog entries, which makes for a pleasant read. She has a wonderfully light sense of humor (dressing up cats and Engrish). She posts links to things of interest, and I mean really, honestly interesting. Her entries are plotted like mini-stories, and you can’t help but find something touching and real in them.

The design is very pleasing to the eye, and easy to read. Though she may not have done all of the design work herself, it’s a unique layout that flows very nicely with her quote. The colors seem to promote a sense of tranquility, which you find in her writings as well as the other parts of the blog.

She provides a commenting system, which is always great for reader interaction. She also has a second “sideblog” (April 16) that seems a bit more random than the Dim Sum Diaries. Archives only go back to mid-March, though you’ll find some very touching entries (March 20) that appear to be fiction; only they’re very real. There is a balance between the funny and ironic, and the touching and tender moments.

The author links to many great sites that I found interesting and thankful to have had a chance to experience them as I read through the site. Her site is poignant and alive with her writing. Her about me page explains why she started a blog in the first place.

Everything flows together like a well-written novel, and that makes reading countless entries all the easier. She’s an asset to the blogging community and a joy to read.The Dim Sum Diaries

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