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Premshree Pillai is a twenty-year-old computer
programmer from India. I would suggest checking out his `About Me’ page before reading the weblog
entries. He has quite an impressive list of programming and publishing accomplishments (he even
generously shares some of his code with the world ), and knowing this enhances his journal entries.

The author designed his own blog layout. The grey and black colors are nice to look at, and each blog entry is neatly separated into boxes and labeled with date and time. Entries are listed 10 to a page with the most recent addition at the top. There are links throughout the blog to all kinds of programming sites, and according to surfers who have signed his guestboook, his own contributions to the programming world have helped a lot of people.

Aside from interesting tidbits from the world of computer programming, many of Premshree’s entries cover his
life as a student, and different aspects of living in India, which is particularly intriguing because of his non-intrusive narrative style. Premshree disects his thoughts and feelings well, and seems to have a good understanding of human nature and not just the nature of programming. It’s really quite nice to read about his recollections of time spent with family members as he looks back with adult eyes.

Bottom line: A well-crafted site with interesting entries written by a down-to-earth programming guru.
Premshree Pillai’s Journal

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