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When I first visited Premshree’s blog, I thought it was a tad spartan. First impressions can be deceiving, however, and despite a marked lack of glitz and glamour, I found this to be a thoroughly delightful site. It serves a dual purpose; giving us the benefit of Premshree’s technical articles, software code and it allows us to become acquainted with Premshree the person.

Despite my initial relegation of this site into the “Computer Geek” pile, I found the glimpses of life in India to be fascinating. The useful technical tips, code, and links to Premshree’s articles were well balanced by into what life is life for a young college student in India.

If an American college student designed, developed, and wrote this blog, it would rate a 3.5. It’s slightly above average, all the links work, but similar files, code, links, etc., can be found elsewhere without a lot of searching. The unique part of this blog is the foreign element, which introduces just enough newness and intrigue to earn this site a solid 4. I look forward to coming back occasionally and catching up with Premshree. I think you will too.

Premshree Pillai’s Journal

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