Review 2308

My first impression of the site was “clean in shades of gray.” Feels rather melancholy, when really there’s little of melancholy written here. Never trust what you see at first glance, this guy is definitely a techie.

The blog should fall into the category of technical, considering at his young age he’s been writing for some major technical magazines and online magazines. You learn something about his Indian culture from his entries, and goodness knows there are a lot of us that could use some culture. He has a great writing style and a good grasp of the language. There’s a lot of techno-babble, so sometimes the reader might find themselves lost. There’s the occasional personal entry, which is very personal and these entries are filled with a hint of the spiritual, bringing the reader closer to the author.

The design is simple but works. There are no images, so there’s a fast load time for slower connection. It’s not hard on the eyes, but it’s not overly beautiful either. It fits very well, however, with this author’s writing style and subject.

The first thing I visited was the about me page and you can’t help but feel somewhat in awe of his accomplishments a writer. The main site has scripts and articles as well as a newsletter. There are definitely many reasons for readers to stop by and visit. The archives only go back ten entries at a time, so it’s a little time consuming if you want to go way back.

It seems that some of the better blogs are hiding in the guise of simplistic design. There are many interesting entries worth reading (May 11) and this blog is definitely an interesting read. Nothing out of the ordinary or extravagant here, but definitely worth a visit. Again, if there was a section called technical, this would definitely fit there.Premshree Pillai’s Journal

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