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“a tear in the fabric of spacetime”, is what Rachel, the creator of the site calls “just the random musings of a girl”. I’m still a little unclear on where the title came from, as it literally refers to scientific theory and this weblog doesn’t really relate to anything of the nature.

The layout is one of Blogger’s generic templates, with the colors slightly altered to different shades of purple. The site still seems to be in the beginning stages, with Rachel still deciding if she wants to post on a regular basis or not. The archives date back to March 9, 2003. If you’re lucky, you’ll find two days in a row where the author has posted, but more often than not, you’ll see days go by without a post.

This site is only a weblog. There’s no way to contact the author, or leave a comment about a particular entry. You can’t learn more info about the author through other links or anything of the nature. Anything you learn about the author or her life has to be found in each entry that’s made.

The writing style and content is really all over the board at “a tear in the fabric of spacetime”. For instance, one paragraph in the weblog’s first few days of being reads like this: The things we know as facts are really just crude approximations of reality. The laws of physics we know apply to “ideal” conditions that can’t actually be reached. We can make them reflect reality as closely as we want by adding in more and more terms. When we get into more “fuzzy” areas, like how people behave, what we say is a fact will actually be extremely skewed by our perceptions.

On the the other hand, there were two weeks of posts about procrastination, including sites Rachel had found about procrastinating. And there are other posts talking about trying to match the same pitch as squeaky furniture or making the decision on what college to go to.

While this review may seem quite empty, it’s only because the weblog at “a tear in the fabric of spacetime” is the same way. It’s a very generically written site. I’m sure the weblog makes sense to the author and to those that actually know her, it leaves anyone else that would happen to stumble upon the weblog in a haze of knowing nothing. I couldn’t find one reason throughout the entire site that would make me want to come back again.

a tear in the fabric of spacetime

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