Review 2305

This is a Christian blog and many of the entries are related to the author’s struggles as a Christian. These entries, which clearly depict Mark Jedrzejczyk’s difficulties in sustaining his faith, are something that Christian readers can relate to. The writings are very deep and the author is able to express himself beautifully. Mark also occasionally posts lyrics, poems and short stories on his blog (though the more recent ones have been transferred to the section under “Stories” or “Poems”).

The design of the blog is simple and functional. There are 2 boxes on the side; one containing the monthly archives and the other encloses a list of sites pertaining to this blog (including a list of recommended readings and awards won by the site, as well as the “Stories” and “Poem” sections).

The archives started from October 2002, and according to the ‘debut’ entry, this blog is older than that, but there was a discrepancy with the previous host of Thus, there are much fewer entries on the ‘new’ site. The blog is updated a few times per month, so you may want to check it out on a monthly basis.

I found Mark’s writings very touching (particularly the entry titled “The Fire Immortal” and it is definitely one of the more “genuine” Christian blogs on the Internet. Personally, I think that non-Christian readers would not be interested in this blog because of the religious content. But you could always give it a try, and you might develop a liking for the author’s poems and short stories, if not for his blog itself.

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