Review 2302

eternal autumn is a site where you have to really, really concentrate in order to see things from the author’s side, what with the tiny font and the chosen appearance of the links, which are verging on invisibility.

From the information on the site, we know that eternal autumn is penned by a twenty-year-old American girl. Blog contents focus mainly on movies, concerts, TV, her friends, and her pets. In short, a twenty-year-old American girl’s life.

There’re plenty of interesting entries of the ‘what happened today’nature. After all, how dull can a twenty-year-old’s life be? However,
action-packed as her life might be, the reader’s interest might wan after a number of entries. It would probably make a much better read if the
author could blog down more of her thoughts, feelings and mental reactions to her life instead of just recording moments and instances as
they are. Everything that happens to any one person can happen to someone else; it is reading about an individual’s unique thoughts and outlook
that will hook readers.

As for the layout, there is nothing wrong with the bluish site, except the font and its colors. Navigation is somewhat hampered because the
links are hard to read, as mentioned before. The title, eternal autumn, comes as a bit of a surprise after a survey of the site, because other
than a strip of a brown tree, there is nothing that suggests the implied melancholiness of the title. In fact, there are some cute graphics on the site, including an adorable cat mood indicator.

eternal autumn is not a bad blog, but it is somewhat bland and lacking in personality. With some changes to the site, it can be a lot better. I look forward to a re-review.

eternal autumn

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