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Nothing really spoke out to me when I opened up Lilli Marleen. I wasn’t sure what the site was going to be about because the design gave no clues, and neither did the title. But as always, you can’t judge a book by its cover, and I started to read.

The weblog itself was actually very informative. In the general scheme of weblogs, this one actually gave you places to search online about a variety of topics. Lilli Marleen isn’t a native English speaker, she’s German, but I wouldn’t have even noticed if she didn’t post this little note: “As you might see soon, english is not my mothertongue… So – my deepest apologies adressed to the English Language for not worshipping her better.” That line definitely gave me a chuckle as well as the rest of this site. Scattered around the site are Lilli’s opinions, and you can really get a feel for who she is.

The design wasn’t anything I haven’t seen before, but it worked for this site. It’s set up with two columns, which leaves it easy to navigate. The posts are all on the right side in plain view, and there are links on the left-hand column. However, I had trouble opening up some of the more recent archives, but Lilli has posted on that factor and isn’t sure why they aren’t loading. She said, “So, I’m sorry if you’re looking for an entry… but since I don’t pay them – who am I to complain?” Yet another tongue-in-cheek tidbit by Lilli.

There is more to Lilli Marleen than the blog itself. Lilli has set up an entire page telling us about herself, and she still manages to have that fun, cheery, giggly vibe running through her About page. Also present are links to other blogs, but many of them are in German, so I wouldn’t suggest those sites to an English reader. Also, located throughout the blog are various Quizzilla quizzes, which I always find entertaining.

All in all, Lilli Marleen would be a good read for someone who likes a little variety in life. Variety is the spice of life, isn’t it? While the design isn’t earth-shattering, it is easy to read, and the entire blog has a pleasant atmosphere about it. I would suggest this site to anyone who has spare time to surf the net. I enjoyed my Lilli Marleen experience.Lilli Marleen

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