Review 2291

I was put off by the fact the author used a standard Blogger template, but the name of the site, Spilled Guts made up for it. I figured that I would be in for an entertaining read, just by the name. I noticed there weren’t many archives and assumed the author was pretty new at this.

The author talks about everything from movies to politics. I’ve also learned that the author is interested in quiz shows because he talks about them from time to time. He also apparently appeared on one. However, something about the writing style just doesn’t click with me. It seems juvenile. There is also a lot of offensive language in this blog, so readers beware. I was however, impressed by the picture of the evil eggs in one of the archive files.

As said before, the design is just one of the standard Blogger template files. Because the design is basic, it works with what the author posts about it. There aren’t any distractions on the site, which is nice, and there is a bit of color, even if it is rather dreary looking. The recent archive links are broken and led me to a default Blog*Spot page.

This site is simply a personal weblog, although it feels less personal than most I have read recently. Lacking from the site are links and other features, such as an about page. I don’t feel a connection with the author, because I really don’t know much about him based on the postings.

Spilled Guts is a creative name, but it is one of the only creative things about the blog. I wouldn’t suggest reading this if you are offended by harsh language. Spilled Guts tells a story about the author’s life, but so do many others… s p i l l e d g u t s

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