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From time to time I’ll find a weblog that has a title I’m insanely jealous of and Journey to Confusion just happened to be one of those titles. Needless to say, I set some pretty lofty expectations before even reading a single post at this site.

The layout that’s used belongs to the current list of standard Blogger templates. It’s one of the milder designs available, and it’s used very well. The author entertains us along the sidebar of the site with every thing from a bit about her (“The Confused”), a brief quote that’s currently one by Oscar Wilde (“For the Journey”), and a whole slew of links to her archives and many other external links to the internet. “The View Beneath the Lavender Sky” slogan that’s used at the top of the site is carried out with the lavender color that’s used in the layout. Overall, there are no complains on the design at all as it all goes well together.

Journey to Confusion is still a relatively new weblog. Making its jump into the wide world of weblogging in December 2002, the different entries give readers the impression that the author’s been writing her feelings and her thoughts for a long time.

The biggest number of the posts in “Journey to Confusion” are based upon the author’s day-in/day-out routine. It’s more than just a constant “I did this, and then I did this” type of writing, but more a witty repertoire of how even every day life can be entertaining. The author’s got quite the knack for entertaining readers and it’s definitely something that would draw a person back to this Journey to Confusion.

I’m glad someone else finds John Madden to be the Captain of the Obvious like I do, and it’s refreshing to read the FUN instances of being a parent.

As I initially said, I was jealous of the title of Journey to Confusion and I’m now jealous of the wonderful writing Tam puts out on this site on a daily basis. Definitely check this site out.

Journey to Confusion

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