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Frandoogabooling in an Alley (mercifully FIAA hereafter) has the basic blogspot template (ho-hum…) layout with some cute, occasionally humorous and insightful entries.

However, a few things… please get rid of the JavaScript or Java or whatever keeps toying around with the bottom scrollbar. It was neat the first 800 times it stretched and pulled, after that it was simply annoying. “…I’ve been adding new buttons and things to this page, as you can see. Tell me if it gets too cluttered.” It’s too cluttered. 😛

The author seems to love checking out her referrals (and hey who doesn’t?) “horney goat weed women” anyone or maybe “searching yahoo, I’m the 10th result for “i’m feeling sooo horny now!” great, huh? those horny people will really find my blog stimulating… :P”.

She has a diverse range of interests ‘poking fun at George Dubya’, tennis, outings with friends, reading…Many of FIAA’s entries are short daily reflections, others are a little more profound entries such as, “I just finished “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” Amazing book. I’m…touched isn’t quite the word, but I really feel like that book meant a lot to me. Changed me. Oh, I don’t know, but it’s certainly very thought provoking. And very well written. By Ken Kesey. Don’t you know, I’ll be reading more by him quite soon. I’m just feeling this book so much, it’s amazing. Wow. So read it. Go to your library, check it out, and freakin’ read it. Or get it from Amazon. and then email me, and tell me what you think. ‘Cuz I wanna know.” She seems to read some pretty deep stuff for her age. 🙂

There are also some amusing entries: “life is good: seeing that I had a new email, I checked my inbox at 11:40, thinking it would be just another spam, you know, something about enlarging my (nonexistent) penis. But NO, it was an email titled “[Monongalia-closings] School Closings Announcement for monongalia”. I didn’t believe it. I opened the email. It read, “Monongalia County Schools will operate on a two-hour delay.” This is wonderful! fantastic! amazing! I will sleep until 8:40 and it will be great and YEAH! But for now I need to go to bed. I love inclement weather!”

I think FIAA would be a great blog to watch develop. The author has a keen wit, good sense of humour and often some makes some insightful reflections. I’d like to she how her blog reads in a few years.. although I believe she is off to a very decent start as a blogger, in light of this I tacked on a 0.5. You go girl. And exactly what happens when you are Frandoogabooled in an Alley? hmm…

Frandoogaboogling in an Alley

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