Review 2285

I like the main images of this site, the author has used brushes very wisely and effectively, which almost gave me the impression of an american flag, regarding the stars and stripes. The font however, is small, and the colour red projected on black. This almost obscures the text and it doesn’t stand out as much as it should do, so perhaps using a different colour would help.

Having read the first entry, I note she’s getting married to her boyfriend, James, however delaying it by 6 months due to lack of funds. I later discover she’s only twenty (my age), but with quite a bit of life experience under her belt, for example, living in 5 houses and 4 apartments in her lifetime. She deals with mundane occurrences like buying a new phone plan, she studying for a web analyst/programming degree, works and is prepared to devote some of that life revolving around her boyfriend who evidently means a great deal to her.

The archives are grouped weekly which means that there are a lot of links to sift through. Perhaps organise them in months so that there are more entries to a page. The rest of the material is pretty much consistent regarding content, however prints a fairly vivid picture of the storyline of her life. (I’m wondering if we get pictures of the wedding, kids, grandkids etc..)

A short paragraph simply details who she is and what she’s doing with a few pictures. Its brief, concise and confirms what I’ve read in the blog.

Its a good read with some interesting content and I suppose I’d even come back out of curiosity to see how she will cope with organising the wedding, but I desired something more which I can’t quite put my finger on. I don’t know if everyone would identify with this weblog, and may be deterred by some of the long paragraphs with a font too small for some, but my verdict is a thumb pointing in the ‘up’ direction.thefictionalme… jenny

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