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Firstly, let’s talk about the design. The layout isn’t too spectacular but it shifts the main focus to the content. It’s rather user-friendly and is laden with quotes and links. There was a little problem with the archives and I could not access the entries in March, but I figured out that it was a URL problem. Maybe the author can work on that?

This blog can be summarised by the few words stated by the author, Carl Heppenstall, at the side of the blog. They are, “Politics, Philosophy, Music, Racecars {#88!), Anti-Money Laundering, Fraud Prevention, A slight amount of monkey business, and Maybe A Little Poetry, Overall, Pro-U.S.” These words form the basis of the content in the blog.

Although this blog has been classified as ‘Personal’, I would prefer to label it as a ’News/Links’ blog. Truly personal posts on the author are sporadic and short. Most entries consist of quotations from articles, links and personal comments from the author, which tend to lean towards the political side of things. I have to admit that the author does know what he is talking about.

Be warned though. Politics is a very subjective topic and not every reader may agree with the author’s opinions. So it’s recommended that you read a few entries before totally jumping into the blog. If you like what the author is saying, then this would make a really good read especially since the author updates regularly with multiple posts and insightful links. However, if politics do not appeal to you, or if you do not like what is being posted, then stay clear.

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